Mask Strap Extender

Give your ears a rest!

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Making Life Easy in a Pandemic

The Ear Keeper is committed to making your movement outside of home easy and comfortable. We offer a way of getting used to the new norm of wearing face masks which is here to stay for some time. Our goal is to ensure comfort and safety as you and your loved ones move ahead in life while braving the challenges of a pandemic stricken world.

Here's how a "Face Mask Strap Extender" makes your life better

Say Goodbye To Sore Ears

You can now secure your face mask by hooking it's straps onto a "mask strap extender", rather than your ears, giving your sore ears a much needed rest. 

Adjustment Grid Ensures Coverage

An adjustment grid on the mask strap extender, ensures complete coverage of your face by the mask, letting you more around untroubled. This is really good especially for kids. 

Flexible and Extendable Silicon Material

A mask strap extender is made up of a silicon material which makes it stretchable and durable. This material is washable so you can use it again and again.